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50 Families of Legacies 

Crafting Legacies That Last for Generations

Attend Our Next 50 Families of Legacies Home Buyer Event

This serves as an introductory phase, where participants will be informed about the program's goals, processes, and how they can benefit. Attending the seminar can provide valuable information on financial literacy, homeownership, and legacy building.


Submit a 50FCL Application & Loan Approval

The process involves providing personal information, financial details, and perhaps a statement of purpose or an essay on why the applicant wants to be a part of the program. This step allows “Des Aina” to assess the eligibility and readiness of the applicants.


Hold The Red Check at Closing 

When it's closing time,  it's time for celebration! Feel free to bring your family and friends along. At the closing, you'll be presented with the RED CHECK. Please come prepared to be photographed. The value of the check will vary based on the loan program, the sales price, and various other considerations.

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Let's Get Started

Thanks for submitting!

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